First Grade Math


Counting on the 100 Chart

Interactive Teaching Chart

Use the yellow bars to cover numbers on this interactive 100 chart.

Splatter 100

Click on this blank 100 chart to reveal the hidden numbers.

Finding 10 More

Find the number on the 100 chart that is 10 more than the given number.

10 More Octopus

Chose the shell that shows 10 more than the given number.

Sink the Submarine

A 2 player game!  Type the number that is 10 more than the given number to launch a missile at your opponents submarine.

Finding 10 Less

Find the number on the 100 chart that is 10 more than the given number.

Soccer Shootout - 10 Less

Choose the ball that shows 10 less than the goalie’s shirt.

Finding 9 More

Find the number on the 100 chart that is 9 more than the given number.

Finding 11 More

Find the number on the 100 chart that is 11 more than the given number.

Finding 11 Less

Find the number on the 100 chart that is 10 less than the given number.


Count Your Chickens

Students are given a variety of objects to count & choose the correct number. Includes auditory feedback.

Lilypad Numberline

Use the lilypad numberline to help you solve the addition number sentences!

Space Hopscotch

Count by 2"s to 24 and then count backwards by 1's.

Spot the Odds

Find the toadstools with an odd number of dots to clear a path through the field.

Odd Way Home

Move the bug across the odd-spotted toadstools to get him home.

Robinhood Doubles

Practice your doubles as you help Robinhood find the correct number on his target.

Place Value 

Base Ten Count

Group ones into tens to see what numbers come up.

Place Value Pool

Count the base ten blocks and find the matching number.


Read the radar screen and use the motor boat to travel along a number line by 10's and 1's to rescue struggling swimmers.

Addition & Subtraction 

Addition Surprise

Put the numbers in the correct spot on the addition chart. Look for the patterns!


Practice addition and subtraction as you make your way the top of the high rise.

Addition Level 1

Interactive flash cards. Add two one digit numbers. Sums 0-9.

Addition Sums 10-18

Interactive flash cards. Addition, sums 10-18.


People Patterns

Be sure to use the BEGINNER level! You will see a line of people. See if you can you tell who should come next? Some of the attributes to consider are hair color, age, and clothing color.

Bead Patterns

Extend the pattern made by the beads.


Guess My Rule

Guess the rule the computer used to place the pattern blocks in the loop. Test your guess by placing other pattern blocks that fit the rule in the loop.

Guess My Button

Sorting and classifying can help you discover a lot about the patterns of objects, people, and places. To begin, you might ask yourself a few simple questions: What's the same? What's different? And this is the strategy you'll need for Guess My Button. The computer has secretly picked out one of the sixteen buttons you see on the screen. What you need to do is determine which button it is by selecting questions about the attributes of the buttons.

Oochina's Code

Help Oochina get inside the pyramid by cracking the attribute code.

Telling Time 

Willy the Watchdog

Make your way to the finish line by helping Willy show the correct time on the clock.