Fourth Grade Math


Number Sense  

Estimator Four

A game like Connect Four that asks the players to estimate the answer within a given time span. Parameters: time limit, error tolerance, difficulty level. Includes focus on addition, multiplication, or percentage.


Estimate the number of objects, length of a curved line or area of a shape. Choose the level (easy or hard ) and how close your answer needs to be!

The Product Game

This is a two player game that integrates multiplication fact practice and great strategic thinking!

100 Square

Investigate patterns made by multiples of numbers in a 100 square. If that's too easy, try the n-square investigation

Place Value 

Place Value

Identify place value of digits and round numbers up to thousands.


How many tries do you need to guess a number between 1 and 999?

Fact Practice 

Batter Up!

Practice addition and multiplication facts.

Multiplication Baseball

Fact practice for one or two players.


Work through a set of flash cards.

Farm Stand

Multi-step fact practice.


Solids & Silhouettes

In this activity you figure out a three-dimensional structure based on two-dimensional silhouettes, or shadows. If you have worked with front and side views, you will find this similar (except that you will not see hidden lines). Here are the front (on the left) and side (on the right) silhouettes of the same structure: Your task is to come up with plot plans that could match the silhouettes given. Sometimes there will be more than one plot plan that can give the same silhouettes.

2-D & 3-d Shape Properties

This interactive site provides great visuals of 2-D and 3-D shapes, list the properties of 2-D shapes and allows you to move the 3-D shapes around.

Train Trip

Imagine that you have taken a peculiar train trip around a circular track. Inside the circle were some geometrical shapes. You took four snapshots of what you saw while looking into the center of the circle. But now you have dropped the pictures and they're all mixed up. Your task is to put them back in order.

Shapes & Shadows

Can you judge an object by its shadow? In this activity you will be asked to determine if a shadow can be produced by a particular shape.

Parallelograms & Rectangles

Dynamic geometry software provides an environment in which students can explore geometric relationships and make and test conjectures. In this example, properties of rectangles and parallelograms are examined. The emphasis is on identifying what distinguishes a rectangle from a more general parallelogram.

Quadrilateral Quest

Choose the shapes that match the properties listed. Great practice for Guess My Rule!


Tangram Puzzles allow students to choose a picture and use all seven pieces to fill in the outline. In Tangram Challenges, students can use tangram pieces to form given polygons.  

Taxicab Treasure Hunt

Taxicab geometry is a special kind of geometry that works on city streets. With it you finally have a chance of finding treasure hidden in the city of Arborville. Here's what you do: Pick an intersection and ask the computer how far it is to the treasure. The computer tells you the distance using taxicab geometry.

Angles Wordsearch

Use the clues (definitions of angles) to find the words in the wordsearch.

Matching Geometric Terms

Match each geometric term with its correct definition.

Isometric Drawing Paper

Use this amazing isometric grid paper to draw your cube toys.

Learning Angles Through Sports!

Have a go at snooker to learn how to use a protractor then move on to the football pitch to learn about right angles! Be prepared, this is a British site so snooker is like pool and football is what we call soccer! On the tennis court you'll learn about acute angles and you'll explore obtuse angles in a game called cricket! Keep your eye on the ball!


The World of Measurement

This site is an introduction to measurement for upper elementary students. Come learn about length, mass, temperature, time, and volume. First travel to each topic link, and then test yourself with the fun exercises that follow.

Measurement Benchmarks!

This is a GREAT resource! Examples of everyday item equivalences for metric units of length, mass, volume, and temperature.


Convert between US measures of length.

More Challenging Length Conversions

Try these conversions if you are looking for more of a challenge! You might want to get a pencil and a piece of paper!

Matching Equivalent Measures

Match the cards with equivalent measures.

Concentration with Equivalent Measures

Flip over the cards and try to match the equivalent measures. 3 Feet = 1 yard, 3 Teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon.



See how we use math in sports.


Make Your Own Tesselation


Convert Minutes to Hours & Minutes

You are given a total number of minutes and it is your job to convert them to hours and minutes.


Who Wants Pizza?

A fun way to learn about fractions.

Fresh Baked Fractions

Chose the fraction that is not equivalent to the others. Try all four levels of difficulty!

Soccer Shootout!

Operations with fractions.

Hi/Lo Fractions

Your goal is to reach the top by deciding whether the next fraction card will be higher or lower than the last one displayed. Place a stake to determine how many points you will win or lose!

Equivalent Fraction

Change the total number of pieces in the whole to help you discover equivalent fractions.