Bubble Gum Factory Fractions


Match the Fraction

Identify the

Numerator & Denominator


I CAN... make a drawing to show that fractions are equal parts of a whole and label the unit fractions. 

I CAN... use a fraction to name part of a whole or a collection.

I CAN... create intervals on a number line to show unit fractions.

I CAN... compare two fractions with the same numerator or with the same denominator.

Match the Fraction

Drag & Drop the Fractions

Name the Fraction

I CAN... name points on a number line as fractions.

I CAN... show how two fractions can be equivalent.

Name the Points

Make the two Fractions Equivalent

Check out all the Equivalent Fractions

I CAN... show whole numbers as fractions.

Cyber Chase Video

8/8 = 1 Whole

Cyber Chase Video

Unit Fractions

Drag & Drop the

Unit Fractions

Thanks for checking out our collection of fraction websites.  The activities are arranged by “I CAN...” statements that reflect the goals in the fraction unit.  Click on the rectangular image of the site to get there. Let us know if you find any other sites to add to the list.  This is a work in progress.  Enjoy!

Comparing Bubbles

Cuisenaire Rod Fractions

I CAN... name fractions greater than 1.

Place the Mixed Number on the Number Line

Click here for flipped classroom homework