KenKen Kids


Join the KenKen Kids Challenge.

The 2nd annual KenKen challenge is underway!

Can we beat last year’s record - 1024?

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Click on Lulu to 
learn how to KenKen.

Then click here to customize.

(Best for Grades K-2)


We achieved our 2012-13 goal to reach 1000 KenKen puzzles!

(PRS 373 + Foster 651=1024 Total!)

How many KenKen can we complete in 2013-14?

Solve a KenKen puzzle, print it out, put your name on it, bring it to school and give it to Mrs. Doyle!

Plymouth River School has completed 0 KenKen Puzzles!

Foster School has completed 0 KenKen Puzzles!
Can we make it to 1000 again?