Kindergarten Math


Counting Stories 

A Walk in the Woods

Enjoy this online storybook about a visit to the woods with counting rhymes.

The Counting Story

Click your way through this story about 11 active little bunnies.

Bananas for Lunch

Read along as Champ munches on a bunch of bananas for lunch!

Counting Activities

Let's Count

Click to add pictures of objects to match each statement.

Count Your Chickens

Students are given a variety of objects to count and must choose the correct matching number.

Walking the Dogs

Help Mr. Numo find the correct number of dogs to walk as he strolls along a street scene.

How Many?

Count how many objects are shown and choose the matching number.


Count the number of objects and find the matching set.

Champ's Bananas

Count the bananas Champ eats and find the matching number.

More Than, Less Than

Add objects to show more or less than.

Place Value 

Place Value Pool

Count the base ten blocks and find the matching number.


Read the radar screen and use the motor boat to travel along a number line by 10's and 1's to rescue struggling swimmers.


Number Sequencing

Fill in the missing number in each sequence of three numbers.

Number Train

This activity helps students with recognizing numbers and seeing how many objects each number represents.

Addition & Subtraction 

Lady Bug Equations

Find the lady bug with the number of spots needed to complete the number sentences.

Number Sentences

Count the objects in each number sentence and type in the total number of objects.


Shape Exploration

Try the six shape activities.

Matching Shapes Puzzle

Match the shapes and solve the cow puzzle.

Find the Shapes 

Find the  3-D shapes in the picture.

More Matching

Match the shapes.


Bead Patterns

Extend the pattern made by the beads.


Mr. Elephant's Memory Game

Mister Elephant's Memory Game is an updated interactive version of the old concentration-style matching game that you probably loved as a kid. It is a fun way to improve matching shapes, numbers, letters, colors, etc.

Place Numbers on the Clock

This activity helps the child learn about the clock by placing hour numbers onto the clock face.This is a puzzle activity.