Math Power!



Drag-and-drop the number cards onto the game board. They will snap into place on the outlined squares. From the small squares, choose which operation is to be performed.

The three buttons are used to control the game:

  1. *deal - get a new set of number cards and a new target number

  2. *hint - for the current hand, reveal one possible set of operations

       that yield a solution

  1. *solve - see our solution (though not necessarily the only solution)

Kenken Puzzle

The numbers in each heavily outlined set of squares, called cages, must combine (in any order) to produce the target number in the top corner of the cage using the mathematical operation indicated.

Crazy Counting Machine

Make the number on the crazy counting machine using as few steps as possible.  Use doubling strategies to get close to the number then work toward the target number by adding and subtracting.


The power cells have to be placed in the circle so that all the numbers in the same straight line add up to the power line total.

Add ‘em Up

Place the tile at the top of the queue in the board so the surrounding tiles add up to that value.  If they add up, the tiles will be removed.  The goal is to clear all the tiles from the board.  You can also make a sum greater than 9 so the number in the ones place is that same as the number at the top of your queue.  Check out the online help for more cool features like hints and power moves!

Set Game

Try the "SETS" Problem of the Day! The object of the game is to identify the 6 'Sets', of three cards each, from 12 cards laid out on the screen. Each card has a variation of the following four features:

    1.  COLOR: Each card is red, green, or purple.

  1. 2. SYMBOL: Each card contains ovals, squiggles, or diamonds.

  2. 3. NUMBER: Each card has one, two, or three symbols.

    4. SHADING: Each card is solid, open, or striped.

A 'Set' consists of three cards in which each feature is EITHER the same on each card OR is different on each card. That is to say, any feature in the 'Set' of three cards is either common to all three cards or is different on each card.

Taxicab Treasure Hunt

Taxicab geometry is a special kind of geometry that works on city streets. With it you finally have a chance of finding treasure hidden in the city of Arborville. Here's what you do: Pick an intersection and ask the computer how far it is to the treasure. The computer tells you the distance using taxicab geometry.


Fill in the blanks with the differences between the two numbers until all the blanks are filled in.

Button Beach Challenge

Find the value of the colored buttons in the grid and then solve the puzzle.

Speed Grid Challenge

Find two numbers in the grid that will make the addition number sentence at the bottom of the page true.  You can change the number of problems you try to answer and the time frame!  Have Fun!