Targeted Math Support


The resources on this page are aligned with the

Title I Mathematics Support goals.

Lilly Pad Leap

Help the frog across the pond by finding the next number.

Tens Frame Bus

Load the given number of children on the bus.  Note the number of students on each level of the bus and how they relate to the total.

10 Frame Concentration

Choose the 1-10 option then find the numeral and matching 10 frame behind the shades.

100 Hunt

Find the given number on the hundred chart.

Shark Numbers

Count the base ten blocks and chose the matching number.

Life Guard

Use the 10 and 1 controls to move the boat and save the swimmer.

Splat 100

Click on the hundreds chart to reveal the missing numbers.

Save the Whale

Find the missing piece of pipe to make it equal 10 and save the whale.

Catch Ten

Find two fuzzy chaps who add up to 10.