Modern Dilemmas

Grade 9 Humanities
Modern Dilemmas
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The Outer Limits
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Unit 1-Is America a Democracy?
Unit 2 -War and the American Military
Unit 3-Ethics in Medicine
Unit 4 -Gender, Race, and Sexuality

General Course Documents

Spring2019 Course Packet  (syllabus/class policies)
Kohlberg's stages of Moral Development

Current Events Rubric (for all units)
Terms and Techniques Key

Summer Reading 2018
Summer Reading on Personal Choice Book (T1, Essay 1)
Rubric for Summer Reading Essay

SLD Student Feedback and Teacher Rubric
SLD Questions for Glass Castle

Grade 12 Summer Reading Survey 2018

Writing Handouts
Writing Packet
Anchor Paper
Day 1 Workshop
Day 2 Workshop

MLA Citation help:

Scientists debate the evolution of man,
but how far have we really come

Other Important Information
Guidelines for Recommendations
Types of Plagiarism
X2 Notations

College Essay Links (For FALL)
The College Essay (Two Drafts)

(includes rubric and
common app prompts)
The College Process Organizer

___________________________________      Unit 1-Intro to Modern Dilemmas (Sept)
Is America still a democracy?

Weekly Agendas
Class Notes
Projects and Essays

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”



Unit 2 -War and the American Military (Sept-
Is the price of war worth the cost? Oct)

A link to The Things They Carried text 

Weekly Agendas
Class Notes
Projects and Essays

 Tim O'Brien, author of The Things They Carried.



Unit 3-Technology and Ethics in Medicine (Nov-Dec)
Just because we can do something, does it mean we should?

Weekly Agendas
Class Notes
Projects and Essays



Unit 4-Gender, Race, and Sexuality? (Dec-Jan)
Are all Americans really equal?

Weekly Agendas
Class Notes
Projects and Essays







Final Exam Review

Review all the jeopardy boards found on each unit's web page.  Review Kolhberg's theory of moral development, also found on this site.  Finally, you may find this literary devices review board helpful.  Of course, you should read the material I gave you.

Please complete the course review

Final Exam Reading Packet
Final Exam Study Guide
Terms and Techniques Key